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Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Colorado Springs

Do the really smart thing — Let a Pro deal with those stopped up gutters!


Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Colorado Springs


416 E Colorado Ave
Colorado Springs Colorado 80903
United States


(719) 204-5615 - EMPTY

Colorado Springs households repeatedly turn to the property cleaning and maintenance experts at Colorado Springs Gutter Cleaning to supply the best quality rain gutter cleaning. We safely remove debris and eliminate stubborn downspout obstructions leaving properly working gutters and downspouts. We offer homeowner satisfaction by offering fair prices, taking care of your home and premises with the same care we do, and providing a guarantee on all gutter cleaning services.


About Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is a home rule municipality in, and the county seat of, El Paso County, Colorado, United States. It is the largest city in El Paso County, with a population of 478,961 at the 2020 United States Census, a 15.02% increase since 2010. Colorado Springs is the second-most populous city and the most extensive city in the state of Colorado, and the 40th-most populous city in the United States. It is the principal city of the Colorado Springs metropolitan area and the second-most prominent city of the Front Range Urban Corridor. It is located in east-central Colorado, on Fountain Creek, 70 miles (113 km) south of Denver.



Client Reviews

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Jessica B.

Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Colorado Springs

24 hours after the "pros" cleaned my gutters. After arriving on a day I was not home after specifically requesting to be home. Best they can offer is 10% off my $140 bill.

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Frank B.

Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Colorado Springs

I scheduled a cleaning with Clean Gutter Pro as I have done several years. I had even recommended Clean Gutter Pro to several neighbors and friends based on previous experiences. The technician did not show up on the the scheduled day. They rescheduled for the following Monday. I receive a text on Saturday that the technician would come that day. I told them NOT to send someone as we had plans. Their technician came anyway. He arrives in the dark of night and never lets us know he is here. We realize he is here when my wife is leaving to run some errands. They continue and leave 15 minute later. Later that night I receive an invoice for the cleaning. The next morning, I walk outside and check the gutters only to find they were not cleaned at all! I contacted Clean Pro and voiced my frustration and provided them with pictures of the gutters. I told them I would not pay and NOT TO SEND THE SAME TECHNICIAN AGAIN. A week later they send the SAME TECH!!! DO NOT USE CLEAN PRO GUTTER CLEANING!!!!

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